Why are the Stremio users already in love with the fact that they can watch movies on their smartphones?

  1. Waiting for something can be so much fun if you play a movie.
    At the dentist’s office or at the airport. At an endless queue or just for the microwave to finish... It’s just so cool to take out your phone and turn all the boring moments in life into some quality time.


  2. Take a movie in bed.  You always wanted to do it, didn’t you? We all do. It is like having a TV in your bedroom but even better, because you will no more hear the magic words, “Can you please, turn it off”. And with your bedsheets tucked in, falling asleep is so easy…

  3. A make-up movie. Yep, it’s a thing.
    And it’s even better than make-up sex. Hell, you can even go all the way and watch “Sex and the City” with your sweetheart fixing things up. Watching movies in bed with Stremio on your phone goes to a completely different level now.
    Perfect comfort and no cables involved!


  4. We all have to attend the family gatherings around the holiday season, right?
    But why not spice it up a bit with your phone safely on your lap and a new episode of The Walking dead? Just make sure to switch on the subtitles and turn off the volume - not vice-versa! You won’t like the looks, trust us on this!


  5. Your early morning routine will never be the same.
    Instead of reading the ingredients on the shampoo bottle, take Stremio with you. Go and watch The Big Bang Theory or the hottest YouTube vlogger. Or maybe start watching a whole new season?
    Enter the new day with fresh mood and enthusiasm like never before. Oh, and try not to spend too much time on the pot :)

If you want front row seats for the best movies on your phone, download the new Stremio App here.  You can play your favorite movies, TV channels, TV shows or YouTube channels - all from a single and simple to use app.   

Expect soon an entire news section dedicated to Film, TV and YouTube videos!
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