The 2017 Oscars ceremony was an eventful one - and we gathered together the 20 funniest tweets about it.

This year, just as any other year, celebrities dressed up and got together for a fancy event. Some of them got shiny gold awards, other had to pretend they were happy for the winners. We see this year after year after year.

And yet, the 2017 edition of the Oscars was peculiar because of a funny mix-up that occurred during the ceremony: the movie LaLaLand won the Academy award for Best Picture and had about 10 seconds to enjoy it before it became clear that Moonlight was the actual winner. Ouch.

The internet exploded. It didn’t take long before the first memes on the topic started popping up on social media. People inevitably drew a parallel to the 2015 Miss Universe beauty pageant when the host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. Harvey himself took a funny stance on Twitter, and so did Miss Universe. Big international brands like Specsavers, RyanAir and Nivea used the opportunity and published witty ads. Major news outlets started looking for an explanation.

Some people thought it was a stunt. Others were outraged. We at the Stremio HQ felt bad for the Academy - for a second year in a row the award ceremony didn’t go smoothly (last year the world was outraged that the Oscars were “too white”).

And while we felt bad, we couldn’t help but go on Twitter and select the 20 funniest tweets about the Oscars mixup. You’re welcome.