A lot of you have been asking us for an iOS app, so your Stremio movies, TV shows and YouTube channels are always with you, wherever you go. And when you ask, we deliver.

We are super excited to announce that the Stremio app for iOS is now available on the iTunes store and you can download it and start using it straight away. All of your favourite video content is just an iPhone or an iPad app install.

Here’s what you’ll find in Stremio for iOS.

Stremio for iOS

If you are not sure what to watch, or you’re just starting out with Stremio, you can simply browse through hundreds of titles and find something that looks good. Just head over to the Discover section – it’s all there. If you’re looking for something specific – take advantage of the filters. Content is divided by type – movies, series, YouTube and TV channels. Once you’ve picked a category, you can either see what’s trending or filter by genre.

Stremio for iOS

You are on the go, or don’t have time to watch something at this moment? Add it to your Library and watch it later. The Library is synced across the devices so if you add a movie from the iPhone or iPad app, it will show in the desktop app as well. Neat!

Stremio for iOS

But wait, there’s more – with the new Stremio app you can get notifications for the TV shows and YouTube channels you are following straight on your phone – we know you wouldn’t want to miss the new episode of the really good TV series you’re watching.

Did we mention you can watch YouTube videos and stream live TV in the app? Well you can!

Stremio for iOS

Just like in our desktop platform, you can share contents with your friends; we don’t need to tell you that watching together is way more fun!

Why are you still here? Go download our brand new, shiny app and don’t forget to rate us in the iTunes Store: Stremio for iOS

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