And there are 7 reasons why this should get you excited:

  • import – From the scale of Winnie the Pooh to Trainspotting, how strong is your addiction to good movies? If you are a great movie lover, you may have used to keep track on most of what you have watched so far.

  • With 4.0 you will be able to import your library to Stremio and have your favorite movies handy in your Stremio library. You will see more recommendations on the Board, while continues to track your preferences on the background. We are great fans of their work and we recommend you to go and have a look at it too.

  • Remote control via phone – You will be able to use your smartphone as a remote control for Stremio. You will be able to watch from a comfortable distance to the screen, while in the meantime your phone subdues the entire 4.0 platform directly to the will of your thumb. They say that power corrupts, but man – it can feel so good to be bad.

  • Web version: Stremio can now run in your browser. That’s right folks, you can run Stremio without necessarily downloading the platform to your PC. You just hit in your browser and All you can watch is one click away from you. It’s quite good for saving some precious disk space on your PC and you can watch movies wherever you are – on a trip, at your friend’s house or from your office computer, while your boss.

  • Focus on performance – You are tired of waiting? The new 4.0 is build with great care towards performance, so don’t worry – it will take care of everything. It’s quick and slick, and you will forget what loading time means. Which is cool if you are watching something that needs to be turned off the moment someone opens the door. On a side note, have you seen how many bikini babe channels we have? (TV channels => Bikini babe) It’s a breast collection, covered with booby traps for your spare time. Pun intended.

  • Focus on stability – Have you encountered a crash? A glitch? Forget about them. The Stremio team has listened to you and managed to improve many aspects in terms of stability in the new Stremio. You can count up to 4.0 for that.

  • Linux – friendly – Stremio is now much more Linux friendly – we have .deb and .snap packages, which will definitely make installing Stremio much easier!

  • For the tech people out there – we’re sure you’d be interested to know about our departure from Electron and migration to Qt ( The reason for this switch was that we needed more flexibility for our video player and how the UI is drawn on top of it. Even though we’ve contributed to some great solutions for Electron, such as wcjs (, it’s time to move to a better, simpler more integrated and controlled architecture.

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