Now that our 3.0 release is out, we’re working on all kinds of awesome new features for our next releases!

What to expect in 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3?

This is what we have for you in the upcoming months:

  • Live TV and more video on demand, thanks to the add-on;
  • Board – we’re adding content notifications and  recommendations for movies and series to your board;
  • Mobile app to be able to open through the web browser, ensuring support for all mobile platforms!
  • Mobile app will have responsive UI – for better usability on tablets; this would also allow using it through the browser as a web UI
  • Mobile app will receive push notifications, and you’ll get all new episode / new movie notifications that you receive on Board.
  • Ability to share things you like with your friends on social networks;
  • Library will have an “other” sub-tab, showing all videos you’ve played from local files.
  • Local files support – use Stremio as your local files player;
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