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How to Watch YouTube on TV with streaming app

May be you need some relax time watching a funny video or you want to see a new recipe on YouTube. You can do that on your computer, tablet, phone or another device. Thanks to the much useful app Stremio, you can now enjoy live streaming of various YouTube channels with an excellent HD quality. … Continue reading How to Watch YouTube on TV with streaming app

The best and most popular YouTube channels

In case you haven’t heard about YouTube – the largest and most powerful video content sharing platform throughout the Internet, may be you are living on another planet. In case you are feeling lost among the thousands of channels and you are looking for the best YouTube channels available on the modern app for video … Continue reading The best and most popular YouTube channels

3.0 is out

Hello – there’s a new version of our Stremio media center! Now you can watch movies and series with an even better, improved experience! Get it now at The key features are a re-vamped UI and a Board tab – which notifies you for all new episodes / videos from your favourite shows or … Continue reading 3.0 is out

Stremio 2.1 and 2.2 features

Hello, In the last couple of months we worked hard to improve our 2.0 release. Along with many polishes and bugfixes, we introduced a few new features: Improvements to DLNA streaming Prettier icons in the player Improved importing from Facebook and the local disk But the most significant and exciting updates come in 2.2: First, … Continue reading Stremio 2.1 and 2.2 features

Stremio 2.0 – highlight features

Stremio 2.0 came out a couple of weeks ago – it’s the most important release of Stremio so far, featuring a totally re-vamped core and a number of new features. First, let’s start with the core – this new version now uses Electron as a run-time, which ensures that our production cycle is even quicker … Continue reading Stremio 2.0 – highlight features